"It is better to recruit the right employee upfront than fire the wrong person afterwards" - Wallindi Schirnig


Any description of "who we are" starts with our clients

Their confidence in and partnership with us inspires them to return to us and recommend us time and time again. We are grateful for their loyalty and continue with our commitment to find the leaders that ensure their success.

PeopleFinder was founded by industry veteran Wallindi Schirnig, who has worked both within HR departments for leading companies and also within an out-and-out recruitment agency, so she combines insights and experience from “both sides of the fence”.

Using print and electronic advertising media as well as headhunting techniques, PeopleFinder identifies, assesses and places high quality candidates to help companies meet their talent and executive needs.

We make it our business to deeply understand the nuances of each of our clients so that we can accurately play “matchmaker” between candidate and company.



  • We work aggressively to reach your goals and build long-term relationships with you
  • We work on your behalf to fulfill your exact needs
  • We offer you expert and comprehensive search services
  • We uphold strict confidentiality and trust throughout the search process
  • We treat people with dignity and respect ; a trait often lacking in our industry
  • We promise to represent your company as if we were an extension of your team, dedicating ourselves to getting to know your company and its culture, giving you top priority when it comes to a search process and assigning highly experienced recruiters to work with you


Terms & Conditions

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